behind the lens

Hi! I am a self-taught Photographer and Artist living in Abu Dhabi for the past 9 years, I have Chaired the Photography Section in The Club for 3 years and presently Administrator for the Wednesday Group Photographers International based in Abu Dhabi.


I love people and animals and enjoy working anywhere in or outside the UAE.  Photographing people is always a joy as each person is unique, whether you’re having your first baby, newborns so very precious, couples celebrating an anniversary, families without or with pets capturing everyone’s character, professional portraits, corporate clients, I can get the job done for you.


I am driven by an innate spirit to continually create, discover new challenges and love every second of it.  Rather than you come to a studio I will come to you, or we can meet at an outdoor space of your choice.  Depending on what sort of effect you’re thinking of, will determine the time of day for your session. 


If you would like to talk a little more about your ideas, simply click on Contact and let’s meet for a coffee.

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Tel: +971 50 616 2175

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